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FAQ’s & Tips

Check that location updates is not switched off. The app will stop when battery is low on your phone.
Press button to stop beeping at any time. The device beeps when back in range and reconnected.
The location updates every 60 seconds if your phone is moving.
First thing in the morning press app to ensure it is open and running for the day.

Use the provided button opener to change the battery. Using anything else may damage the case and will void your warranty.

The button opener disc has a small 'key' section which fits into the small slot along the battery seam. Place the key into the slot and turn the key to pry open the two button case sections. Take care not to lose any internal parts, especially the rubber liner which forms the waterproofing. The case sections do separate from the internal workings.

Replace the battery and ensure that the internal section is facing the correct way for the button to action before closing the button case sections.

Be sure to dispose of the battery button thoughtfully. Battery buttons are a hazard for small children.

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